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Bob Seeley

Bob Seeley

I stumbled onto Bob Seeley along with some other great names in boogie woogie like Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis when I turned 50 years old. My life changed considerably that year as I found out what I had been missing most of my musical life.
Bob Seeley has been described as a force of nature. You would probably feel the same after you had seen or heard him pound out a version "Honky Tonk Train Blues" by Meade Lux Lewis or any of the more demanding numbers of Ammons or Johnson.
He has three recordings and I remember well the day they all were delivered to my house. Bob was the first real boogie woogie player other than Carl Sonny Leyland and Rob Rio whose recordings I had owned. Well needless to say, I have worn out his tapes (I made copies because I knew what was going to happen) and I have turned as many as I could on to this guy.
In the world of boogie woogie, Bob Seeley recordings are a must have. And if you love this music, traveling to Troy Michigan (Bob has been at Charly's Crab Restaurant, I-75 & Crooks Road since it opened in 1972!) or wherever he is playing is just something you've got to do!
Bob is hugely admired and respected among all of the best boogie piano players in the world today. And now in his 70s many think he's still the boss.

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